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Dear Friends and Benefactors:

A difficulty for Catholics in coping with the present crisis of the Church is the absence of a clear boundary between faithful and unfaithful churchmen. Within the Church, modernists who have lost the Faith hold positions of authority. Also within the Church, there are many good priests who are trying to do their best under difficult circumstances. How can we distinguish between faithful and unfaithful churchmen? There is a need for a guideline. Catholics need to know who to follow and who to believe. Malachi Martin had an unfailing guideline: You know people by what they do.

This guideline can be put into practise in an event which recently occurred in the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick.  An 85 year-old priest, Fr. Donat Gionet, was dismissed from his position for preaching against homosexuality, cohabitation, and abortion in a sermon he delivered in August 2011.  Apparently, in the modern Church it is a crime to uphold Catholic moral teachings.  Particularly outraged was the mayor of Saint-Leolin, Joseph Lanteigne, an open homosexual and member of the parish council, who demanded Fr. Gionet’s suspension.  Fr. Wesley Wade, the Vicar-General of the Diocese of Bathurst, denounced Fr. Gionet’s comments as being pastorally insensitive.

By his actions, in openly and courageously preaching against the moral errors of our times, Fr. Gionet has proven himself to be a loyal and faithful servant of the Church.  By their actions, in denouncing Fr. Gionet and removing him from his position, Fr. Wade and the Most Rev. Valery Vienneau, Bishop of Bathurst, have showed themselves to be Catholic in name only.  This whole incident demonstrates what a farce the modern Church has become.  Uphold Catholic teaching and modern churchmen will persecute you rather than defend you.  If there is to be any hope to restore authentic Catholicism, faithful Catholics need to rally in support of priests like Fr. Gionet and withdraw support from faithless churchmen like Fr. Wade and Bishop Vienneau.

Incidents like Fr. Gionet’s dismissal clearly show that the Catholic Church is in the midst of a grave crisis. Yet, we must not lose hope. Recent revisions to the missal of Paul VI have corrected some serious abuses. While obviously there is still a long way to go, this result indicates that the work of traditional Catholics is having an effect. Malachi Martin vigorously opposed the mistranslation of “pro multis” to “for all.” In the recent liturgical revisions, this error was corrected. This development demonstrates the need for traditional Catholics to continue working to restore all things in Christ.

Triumph Communications is continuing to work for this end.  We have just published another new book by Malachi Martin, Crossing the Desert.  In this book, Malachi Martin exposes the central principle of the liberal agenda for the Church and shows how it is being put into practise.  He describes the characteristics of angels and explains how we can harness their immense power in our day-to-day lives.  He stresses the importance of devotions.  It is a Catholic survival manual for our times.  We have produced two sets of CDs.  The first set is called Winds of Change?, a series of CD recordings by Fr. Peter Scott analyzing recent developments in the Church like the changes made to the missal of Paul VI.  The second set is called The Electronic Age and Revolution, a series of CD recordings by Cornelia Ferreira discussing how new electronic technologies are being used to foster a revolution in family life, classroom learning, and international politics.  These two series of CDs are extremely topical.  For  Lent, we are also making available The Way of the Cross, a devotional CD.  We have written an article in defense of Malachi Martin which is available on our website at

We urge you to support our work of publishing traditional Catholic books and producing CD recordings. We invite you to send us any names and addresses of people that you think would be interested in our work and we ask you to pray for the success of our endeavors. May it all be for the greater honor and glory of God.


God Bless,

Bernard Janzen


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