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- Mrs. Anne Carroll - 18 CDs

- Rick DeLano - 2 CDs

Christ-Centered History (2 CDs)
Christ the King, Lord of History CD series (16 CDs)

Scientific Earthquake!

- Fr. Stephen Somerville - 4 CDs - Charles Coulombe - 3 CDs

Inside the Liturgical Revolution
The Passion and the Mass
The Passion of the Priest (2 CDs)

Monarchy And The Faith (2 CDs)
Catholicism's Agricultural Heritage

- Michael Davies - 11 CDs - Fr. Paul Wickens - 7 CDs

End of the Renovations Nightmare
The French Revolution and Vatican II
Religious Liberty, Vatican II & Moral Decay
A Legacy Of Vatican II (2 CDs)
The Liturgical Revolution (2 CDs)
The Tridentine Mass
The Goldfish Bowl
The City Under Siege (2 CDs)

Modernists Capture The Church
Modernists In Action
A Priest Defends The Faith
Persecution From Within
Guideposts To Heaven
The Family Challenge (2 CDs)

- Cornelia Ferreira - 11 CDs - Gerry Matatics - 5 CDs

The Global Mind (2 CDs)
The Electronic Age and Revolution (2 CDs)
The New Age Exposed
The New Age Is Upon Us
The Feminist Agenda
The Education Challenge
Canada And The New World Order
Fatima and the Pagan Invasion
The Luciferian Revolution and the New Reign of Terror
Electronic Transformation!

The Triple Conversion (2 CDs)
The Crisis In Biblical Scholarship
Know Your Bible!
The Old Testament Speaks To Our Time

- Jim Demers - 3 CDs - Deirdre Manifold - 2 CDs

The Last Roman Catholic (2 CDs)
The Squandered Inheritance

Towards One World Government
The Last Bastion

- Fr. John O'Connor - 2 CDs - Larry Henderson - 2 CDs

Towards The End Times

The Severed Branch
The Catholic Moment

- Anne Roche - 4 CDs - Gary Potter - 4 CDs

The City Under Siege (2 CDs)
Revolution In The City
The Revolution Deepens

Freemasonry and Conspiracy
The Knight in an Unchivalrous Age
Throne and Altar
The Deep Descent

- John Cotter - 2 CDs - Dr. David Allen White - 1 CD

Syncretism And The New Age (2 DCs)

The Last Diocese

- Mark Sebanc - 1 CD - Fr. Carlos Casavantes - 1 CD

The Amish Solution

A Priest's Journey

- Anne McGinn Cillis - 5 CDs - Michal Semin - 1 CD

Padre Pio: A Sign of Contradiction (2 CDs)
A Lost World
"You Must Defend What is Yours!"
Navigating Today's Spiritual Minefield

Under the Red Hammer

- Fr. Paul Trinchard - 3 CDs - Fr. Karl Stehlin - 3 CDs

God vs. Man-made Religion
Stay here! You're going straight up
The Awesome Fatima Message
A Treasure of Priceless Worth

Stirrings in the East
St. Maximilian Kolbe vs. The Modern World
In the Wake of the Red Hammer

- William Gairdner - 8 CDs - Fr. Peter Scott - 10 CDs

Statism and the Courts vs. Democracy
The Education System: The Reign of Mediocrity
The Anti-Family War on Our Children
The Rise of the Death Culture: Abortion and Euthanasia
Taxed to Death: Can the Economy Survive the End of the Family?
No Bang for Our Bucks: Canada’s Health and Criminal Justice Systems
The Politics of Fragmentation: Bilingualism and Multiculturalism
Meeting the Challenge: Rebuilding Canada

Uncharted Waters? (2 CDs)
Winds of Change? (2 CDs)
The Enigma of Pope Benedict XVI (2 CDs)
The Agony in the Garden
Our Lord on Trial?
The Scourging at the Pillar
The Crowning with Thorns
The Mystery of the Cross
On the Way to Calvary
The Crucifixion
Living the Mystery of the Cross

- Dr. Peter Chojnowski - 6 CDs - Dr. Marian Horvat - 2 CDs

Towards Family-Based Economics(2 CDs)
Martin Luther and the Modern Church(2 CDs)
Revolution and Counter-Revolution (2 CDs)
Catholic vs. Modern Culture: From Medieval Morality Plays to Hollywood (2 CDs)

A Catholic Way to Do Everything
The Revolution in Clothing

- Paul Stark - 1 CD

- Miscellaneous - 5 CDs

The Making Of The Movie "The Vatican Deception"

The Holy Rosary
Inside Today's Seminaries
The Coming Of The Antichurch
The Controversy That Would Not Die
Should Women Wear Pants?
The Way of the Cross

- Malachi Martin - 22 CDs

- Bishop Richard Williamson - 34 CD set

Catholicism Overturned
The Storm Breaks
The Ship at Storm
Inside the Vatican

The Eternal War
God's Rule Overturned
The Priesthood in Crisis
The Keys of the Kingdom
The Kingdom of Darkness
2 CD series
The Shoes of the Fisherman
The Slavic Solution
Into the Darkness

Peter in Chains
The Sack of Rome
System Breakdown
The Moral Ice Age

The Deserted Vineyard
The Judas Complex
St. Peter's Successor
The Essence of Catholicism

The Tempter's Hour
Windswept House Revisited
Pact with Darkness
The Emmaus Factor

Crossing the Desert
After the Cold War
The Hidden Dynamic
Our Invisible Guides

The Faith in Crisis Series
CD1. Modernism
CD2. Why the Old Mass
CD3. Antidote to the Crisis
CD4. False and True Obedience
CD5. The Priesthood and Vocations
CD6. The Seven Ages of the Church
CD7. The Papacy and Ecumenism
CD8. The Third Secret of Fatima Unveiled
CD9. Archbishop Lefebvre and the Vatican
CD10. After the Consecrations
CD11. Liberalism and Communism
CD12. The Coming Chastisement
CD13. Who is the Antichrist?
CD14. Shadows of the Antichrist
CD15. The Long and Narrow Path
CD16. Doctrine Undermined
CD17. The Mind of John Paul II
CD18. Staying on Course
CD19. The Price of Godlessness
CD20. Ecumenical Madness
CD21. Can Tradition and Modernism Co-Exist?
CD22. Behind the Headlines
CD23. Catholic Economics
CD24. The Crisis Deepens
CD25. The Age of Unbelief
CD26. Souls at Sea
CD27. The Road to Reality
CD28. Electronic Pied Pipers
CD29. The Rise of the Anti-Culture
CD30. Winning the Culture Wars at Home
CD31. The Grand Illusion I
CD32. The Grand Illusion II
CD33. The Deepening Diabolical Disorientation
CD34. Tradition in Turmoil


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