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Dear Friends and Benefactors:

In any long-lasting struggle, there is always a temptation to give up rather than to soldier on. People struggling to lose weight are tempted to abandon their diet and just eat what they want. That's why perseverance is such an important virtue.

Today, there is a temptation within the traditional movement to essentially give up the battle for tradition and make peace with the modern Church. There are voices who say: "We should emphasize the positive features of tradition, like the beauty of the Latin Mass, and not be so critical of the hierarchy of the modern Church; we should mainstream ourselves and not appear too radical or fanatical; we should look at the good points of Vatican II and what our bishops are doing.

The temptation for the traditional movement to mainstream itself must be resisted. The reality is that the situation in the modern Church is getting ever worse. Now, in the pontificate of Francis I, the revolution in the Church has proceeded in an even more radical phase. Pope John Paul II embraced the error or ecumenism, but held the line on moral issues, courageously speaking out against the culture of death that is gradually suffocating what once was Christian civilization. In contrast, Pope Francis I downplays the Church's stance on moral issues. He has stated, "We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage, and the use of contraceptive methods." The modern world's slide into moral anarchy and barbarism shows no sign of abating. For example, the Supreme Court of Canada recently struck down the country's law against doctor-assisted suicide. Those of you who live in the United States probably find this story line very familiar.

Given the deteriorating situation in the Church and in the world, there is absolutely no case for the traditional movement to make peace with the modern Church. If the traditional movement falls for this temptation, it will still have the pomp and pageantry, the smells and bells of traditional ceremonies, but the counter-revolutionary fervor that made it successful will be lost. The movement will decline in numbers, quality, and influence. The salt will lose its flavor. And eventually, the traditional liturgy will be eroded as well. The Faith can only exist integrally, as a whole.

Part of the problem is that modern man, even within the Church, has lost sight of the supernatural. Thus, instead of focusing on how we stand with God, we are too concerned with gaining the approval of our fellow human beings. Too much attention is paid to the political terms of left and right. These terms have their uses, but they emphasize how human beings stand with one another. We should be more concerned with whether we are moving up or down in the eyes of God.

The modern Church and modern civilization are sliding ever downward. As Pope Paul VI stated, "The Church seems to be undergoing a mysterious process of self-demolition." We should have no desire to follow this path of self-destruction. If maintaining our faith means that we are marginalized from our fellow human beings, then so be it. "For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?" (Mark 8:36). We should not make peace with the modern Church; if anything, we should be intensifying our efforts to maintain tradition. And in the footsteps of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, we should speak up in the strongest possible terms against the errors of modern churchmen.

Assisting at Mass is a vital necessity, but Catholics need to do more. In the activities of day-to-day life, in our dress, manners, music, recreation, etc., there is a Catholic way to do things. In our day-to-day lives, we must strive to raise ourselves up, to elevate ourselves and not slavishly follow the modern world because its ideas and fashions stem from a non-Christian and sometimes even anti-Christian inspiration.

One crucial way to put into practice a Catholic way of life in in the area of dress. How you dress makes a powerful statement about your belief system. Women should wear skirts rather than pants as an expression of their femininity. One of the errors of the modern world is to blur the distinction between men and women. Men should wear a tie whenever the occasion allows for it. Wearing a tie adds a touch of class to occasions such as attending Mass or a professional sports event. Until the 1960's, men attending a professional hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto were required to wear a jacket and tie. Dressing up when the situation allows for it acts as a brake on modern man's descent into Slobville.

For the most part, modern man is not even aware of his descent into barbarism. Malachi Martin often spoke that the curse of the modernist in the Catholic Church is that he has lost his faith and doesn't realize that he has lost it. It is crucial that we stay vigilant about saying our prayers and trying as best as we can to live according to Catholic principles or we too, could lose our traditional Catholicism without realizing it.

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We encourage you to continue working to restore all things in Christ and to support our efforts to do the same. May it all be for the honor and glory of God.

God Bless,

Bernard Janzen


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