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- Christ-Centered History (2 CDs)

- Christ the King, Lord of History CD series (16 CDs)

In this set of interviews, Mrs. Carroll explains from a Catholic perspective the main principles and lessons of history. Using numerous examples from history to illustrate these principles, Mrs. Carroll answers questions such as the following:

  • What was the most important event in history? How do we know this?
  • In what ways has the Church transformed society?
  • How has the Church nourished civilization throughout the ages?
  • In the anti-Catholic revolutions of the modern age, what aspect of Church life has been consistently targeted?
  • How has God's grace continued to flow even in difficult times?
  • How was the terror of the French Revolution finally brought to an end?
  • What are some ways to easily disprove the most commonly made accusations against the Catholic Church?
  • Is there any truth to the accusations made against Pope Pius XII that he did nothing to help the Jews during the Second World War?
  • What are some examples from history which show the power of prayer?

Christ-Centered History makes history come alive!

The Christ the King, Lord of History series is a set of 16 CDs. The script for the series was written by historian Anne Carroll. Brilliantly narrated by Joel Blake, Christ the King, Lord of History thoroughly covers the history of Christendom from the time of Abraham to the present. There has not been much quality Catholic scholarship in the field of history in recent years.
The work done by Mrs. Carroll and her late husband Warren Carroll, author of the monumental six-volume book set A History of Christendom, has been instrumental in helping to fill this void. Make history come alive by listening to Christ the King, Lord of History!

The CD series consists of the following:

CD 1. What History is All About / Abraham

CD 2. Moses / The Kingdom of Israel

CD 3. The Achievement of Greece / The Achievement of Rome

CD 4. The Most Important Event in History / The Apostolic Age

CD 5. Empire versus Church / The Great Heresies

CD 6. The Barbarians and the Church / The Prophet and the Emperor

CD 7. The Foundations of a New Civilization / The High Middle Ages

CD 8. The Crusades / Spain Becomes a Great Power

CD 9. Renaissance and Revolt / England Against the Faith

CD 10. The Catholic Defense / The Catholic Offense

CD 11. The Age of France / The Rise and Fall of the Stuarts

CD 12. The Eighteenth Century / The French Revolution

CD 13. The Age of Napoleon / The Nineteenth Century

CD 14. World War I / The World Between Wars

CD 15. World War II / The Post War

CD 16. Epilogue: History and the Future

The CDs of Christ the King, Lord of History may be ordered as a full set for $150 or individually for $10 per CD.

Full Set $140.00


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