Mrs. Anne Carroll

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- Christ-Centered History (2 CDs)

In this set of interviews, Mrs. Carroll explains from a Catholic perspective the main principles and lessons of history. Using numerous examples from history to illustrate these principles, Mrs. Carroll answers questions such as the following:

  • What was the most important event in history? How do we know this?
  • In what ways has the Church transformed society?
  • How has the Church nourished civilization throughout the ages?
  • In the anti-Catholic revolutions of the modern age, what aspect of Church life has been consistently targeted?
  • How has God's grace continued to flow even in difficult times?
  • How was the terror of the French Revolution finally brought to an end?
  • What are some ways to easily disprove the most commonly made accusations against the Catholic Church?
  • Is there any truth to the accusations made against Pope Pius XII that he did nothing to help the Jews during the Second World War?
  • What are some examples from history which show the power of prayer?

Christ-Centered History makes history come alive!



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