Anne McGinn Cillis

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- Padre Pio: A Sign of Contradiction (2 CDs)

- A Lost World

An interview with a living spiritual daughter of Padre Pio.  In this lively discussion, Mrs. Cillis provides fascinating answers to questions such as the following:  How is Padre Pio a sign of contradiction to the modern world?  What miracles did Padre Pio perform?  Did Padre Pio endure the physical assaults of the devil?  What were Padre Pio’s convictions on issues such as women’s dress, the Second Vatican Council, and the Mass?  Why should Padre Pio’s convictions be taken seriously?  Was Padre Pio persecuted by the Church authorities of his time?  What is the controversy about the location of Padre Pio’s body?  How has Padre Pio been active since his death?  What message would Padre Pio have for today’s traditional Catholics?  Includes a wealth of inspiring stories from the life of Padre Pio.
$20.00 (2 CDs included)

Visits the lost world of the pre-Vatican II Church.  Discusses the topics of devotion to the holy souls in purgatory, the deterioration in women's dress from the elegance of the pre-Vatican II period to the "slobville" of today, and the changes in the nuns since Vatican II.  Describes her dramatic encounter with St. Padre Pio.

- "You Must Defend What is Yours!"

- Navigating Today's Spiritual Minefield

Vividly portrays real-life examples of the multi-pronged assaults of the devil on the Church.  Based on advised received from St. Padre Pio, Mrs. Cillis makes the case for a militant defense of the Faith.  Describes her encounters with three important historical figures: Pope John Paul II, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and Cardinal Mindszenty.

For souls in these times, identifies some of today's spiritual dangers: modernism, false apparitions, and cults.  Speaks about divisions within families over spiritual matters.  Describes some of the miracles experienced by her family.  Explains why the crosses that we experience in our day-to-day lives should not discourage us.


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