Anne Roche

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- The City Under Siege (2 CDs) - The Revolution Deepens

By Anne Roche and Michael Davies. A complete review of the hot issues being debated in today's Church. Confronts the question of whether the post-Vatican II era represents a great renewal or complete collapse.
$20.00 (2 CDs)

Describes in fascinating detail the dynamics behind the see-saw battle that has continued between modernists and conservatives since the publication of her book, The Desolate City. In this battle, the modernists have tended to gain the upper hand as the revolution has entered a new and more radical phase.

- Revolution In The City  

Analyses the underlying causes of the revolution which has swept through the Church since Vatican II. Discusses the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae. Another blockbuster by the author the Modernists fear.



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