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- Book 1. Catholicism Overturned Click to see this same book in AUDIO format...

In this book, Catholicism Overturned, Vatican insider, exorcist, and best-selling author Malachi Martin renders a riveting and prophetic account of the Church's trials in modern times. Catholicism Overturned has been described as the most complete explanation available of what has happened to the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Analyzes recent Church history, not from a secular viewpoint, but from the perspective of Our Lady's prophecies at Fatima.
  • Provides an intriguing look at the personalities of Popes Pius XII, John XXIII, and Paul VI.
  • Identifies a most essential ingredient of Catholicism. "And if you don't find this ingredient, you haven't got Catholicism."
  • Illustrates how the turmoil in the Church is impacting the day-to-day life of Catholic priests and laity.
  • Distinguishes between false and true Marian apparitions.
  • Explains why the Mass was changed.
  • Takes an inside look at the Vatican's key players and internal dynamics.
  • Exposes the central goal of the modernist superforce seeking to reshape Catholicism.
  • Examines John Paul II's unique mind set and strategy.
  • Makes an eloquent and vigorous defence of the Papacy and the traditional Roman Catholic faith.

All this and much more is presented in this rich storehouse of information and insights about our faith.

Catholicism Overturned is available for $10.00

- Book 2. The Eternal War Click to see this same book in AUDIO format...


In The Eternal War, Vatican insider, exorcist, and best-selling author Malachi Martin provides prophetic insights into the new world order, current conflicts in the Middle East, and the crisis in the Catholic Church. In The Eternal War, Malachi Martin:

  • Explains the underlying reasons for the war in Iraq.
  • Discusses one interesting aspect of the religion of Islam.
  • Identifies the key notes of the new world order.
  • Discusses the issue of same-sex marriage long before it became front-page news.
  • Illustrates the pressures on the faithful Catholic in day-to-day life.
  • Examines the difficulties with modern liturgies.
  • Illustrates the tragedy of the modernist. "If you lose your faith, if you become an apostate, you don't know that you have lost it."
  • Explains why the modern Church is thrashing around in moral and doctrinal confusion.
  • Exposes liberal tactics to undermine traditional Catholic teaching in areas such as the priesthood, the Mass, and the Papacy.
  • Makes an eloquent defence of the traditional priesthood, especially the mystery of priestly celibacy.

All this and much, much more is presented in this concise and eye-opening account of the trials of modern times.

The Eternal War is available for $10.00

- Book 3. The Kingdom of Darkness Click to see this same book in AUDIO format...


In this book, professional exorcist Malachi Martin provides a fascinating discussion of the devil’s assault on individual souls, the international political order, and the Church.  This book includes newly released material that is not in the cassette tape and CD versions of The Kingdom of Darkness.  In this gripping discussion of the ultimate source of evil in our world, Malachi Martin covers topics such as:

  • Common misconceptions about the nature of the devil.
  • What actually happens during exorcisms?  Is the Hollywood version of exorcism accurate?
  • The intense struggle between the priest and demon during exorcisms.
  • The underlying spiritual reasons for the success of the devil in reshaping the international political order of our times.
  • Are there people in high positions under the direct influence of Satan?
  • How can one recognize the footprints of the devil in our world?
  • What are the principal means by which the devil has penetrated the Church in our times?  What did Pope Paul VI believe about the devil’s presence in the Church?
  • Some sure-fire ways of resisting the inevitable temptations of the devil in our day-to-day lives.

The Kingdom of Darkness is available for $10.00

- Book 4. Peter in Chains Click to see this same book in AUDIO format...  

Peter in Chains is an inside report about how Rome works. In Peter in Chains, Malachi Martin:

  • Using specific examples, exposes the cunning means by which liberals have introduced changes into the Church since Vatican II.
  • Illustrates the various methods by which papal authority is weakened.
  • Compares and contrasts how Rome functioned before and after Vatican II.
  • Reveals the new system of Church government, already partially implemented, envisaged by a powerful network of Church liberals called the superforce.
  • Shows what happens if the Mass and devotions are constantly changing.
  • Prophetically discusses the profound effects of new communications technology, such as the Internet, on the faith of Catholic believers.
  • Explains the shocking characteristics of the new moral order that is replacing traditional Christian morality.

Peter in Chains is available for $10.00

- Book 5. The Deserted Vineyard Click to see this same book in AUDIO format...


This book focuses like a laser-beam on three key subjects: The bishops, the Papacy, and Catholic devotions.  In The Deserted Vineyard, Fr. Martin:

  • Explains exactly how Judas went wrong.  Fr. Martin calls this error the Judas complex.
  • Illustrates how many modern churchmen have fallen into the error of the Judas complex.
  • Provides the defining assessment of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.
  • Demonstrates the critical importance of Catholic devotions.  Fr. Martin describes the life of Catholic devotion as the essence of Catholicism.
  • Shows how to obtain the benefits available from the rich treasure chest of popular devotions accumulated over the centuries.

The Deserted Vineyard is the defining work about the betrayal by modern churchmen of the Catholic religion. 

The Deserted Vineyard is available for $10.00

- Book 6. The Tempter's Hour Click to see this same book in AUDIO format...  

In The Tempter’s Hour, Malachi Martin vividly illustrates the striking parallels between the passion of Our Lord and our times.  Today, like at the time of the crucifixion, the spiritual forces of darkness appear to have triumphed.  In The Tempter’s Hour, Malachi Martin:

  • Revisits his book, Windswept House, and clearly explains the book’s message.
  • Identifies the unique perspective that exorcists can offer on the current crisis gripping the Church.
  • Reveals the hidden impact of the spiritual dimension on the situation of the Church and the new global order coming into being.
  • Explains a fail-proof method of distinguishing between faithful and unfaithful churchmen.
  • Reveals the agenda of secret societies for the Papacy.
  • Discusses the role of the Anglo-Saxon nations with regards to their relationship with the Church.
  • Explains the role of the underground Church in the ongoing battle for the Catholic religion.
  • Identifies the Emmaus factor at work in the Church.  After the resurrection, two disciples on the way to Emmaus failed to recognize Our Lord.  What is the critical relevance of this passage of scripture for our times?

In The Tempter’s Hour, Malachi Martin discusses these and many, many more fascinating topics. This book looks behind the events reported in the newspapers and identifies the frightening forces which are reshaping the Church and the world in which we live. The Tempter’s Hour provides a clear understanding of where modern civilization is headed, materially and spiritually.

The Tempter's Hour is available for $10.00

- Book 7. Crossing the Desert Click to see this same book in AUDIO format...  

The title of this book describes the primary challenge we face in reaching our eternal destiny.  In Crossing the Desert, Malachi Martin:

  • Exposes the central principle of the agenda of the liberal Catholic establishment and explains how they have put this agenda into practise.
  • Demonstrates the key role that Vatican II played in the reshaping of marriage and the modern family.
  • Reveals the hidden factor which caused the collapse of morals in our society.
  • Explains the truth behind the rumors that Cardinal Siri was elected as Pope.
  • Underlines the importance of devotions in reaching our eternal salvation.
  • Describes the characteristics of angels.  Explains the role that good and bad angels play in our lives and in the workings of the cosmos.
  • Shows how to harness the immense power of angels in our day-to-day lives.

This book is the defining work about the angels and the influence of the supernatural in our lives. Crossing the Desert is a Catholic survival manual for our times.

Crossing the Desert is available for $10.00

- Book 8. Shoes of the Fisherman Click to see this same book in AUDIO format...  

In this book, Vatican insider, exorcist, and best-selling author Malachi Martin answers questions such as the following:

  • What are the unique characteristics that set the Pope apart from other men?
  • What is the condition of the Roman Catholic Church today? How would the final implosion of the Roman Catholic Church organization occur?
  • What was the Slavic Solution, the strategy used by Pope John Paul II in meeting the key challenge of his pontificate?
  • What are the geopolitics of faith and the geopolitics of reason and what happens when they collide?
  • What role have the architects of the new world order planned for the Roman Catholic Church organization?
  • How do we read the signs of what is happening in our world?
  • How will the current crisis of the Church and modern civilization come to an end?
  • What is the unique strength of the Society of St. Pius X? What is the one factor that could cause difficulty for this organization?
  • What are the dynamics of papal conclaves?

Shoes of the Fisherman is a fascinating look at papal strategies and conclaves in an age of disintegration. The book version of Shoes of the Fisherman includes material (a chapter on conclaves) that is not in the CD and cassette tape versions.

Shoes of the Fisherman is available for $10.00

- Book 9. Windswept House  

A gripping and prophetic novel about the power struggle raging within the Church since Vatican II.

Windswept House is available for $35.00.

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