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- Book 1. Unmasking the Faces of Antichrist


In this book, scientist, retired university professor, and author Dr. Wolfgang Smith exposes the multiple faces of Antichrist which are becoming increasingly active in today's world. This book is about science and faith.
Unmasking the Faces of Antichrist is divided into three parts:

1- Malachi Martin: Servant of Christ;

2- Science, Scientism, and Christological Cosmology;

3- How to Survive as a Catholic in an Anti-Catholic World.

In this fascinating book, Dr. Smith:

  • Reveals incredible information about the life of Malachi Martin that was previously unknown.
  • Demonstrates the unique importance of Fr. Martin's testimony for these times.
  • Exposes how modern science has been diverted from the pursuit of truth to what Dr. Smith has termed the ideology of scientism.
  • Confronts a serious dilemma for Catholic families: There is a pressing need for good Catholic doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc., yet today's universities are often pervaded by an anti-Christian ideology which endangers the faith of students attending these institutions.
  • Identifies the one area of study that Catholic university students should most avoid.

Unmasking the Faces of Antichrist is a book of incredible relevance.

Unmasking the Faces of Antichrist is available for $10.00.

- Book 2. Goodbye, Good Men


Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church
By Michael S. Rose.

Thoroughly documents how good, pious, and orthodox candidates for the priesthood were systematically screened out, while unsuitable candidates for the priesthood were ordained. Exposes the existence of a homosexual subculture in some Catholic seminaries. Exposes how Soviet-style persecution and psychological intimidation are used against seminarians who believe what the Catholic Church teaches. Proves that the current shortage of priests is artificially contrived.
Reading this meticulously researched book is absolutely necessary to understand why the Catholic Church is today in such a crisis.

Goodbye, Good Men is available for $19.00. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. RESTOCKING SOON.

- Book 3. God's Way to Healthy Living


God's Way to Healthy Living
By Dr. Anthony Cichoke

There are a vast number of health books on the market, but almost none from a Catholic perspective. God's Way to Healthy Living provides a much-needed blueprint for good health which incorporates the spiritual as well as the physical dimension. Drawing from the scriptures, the writings of the saints, and his own ground-breaking research, Dr. Cichoke guides his readers along a path towards health of mind, body, and soul. God's Way to Healthy Living consists of the following chapters:

1. David: Finding Better Nutrition through our Struggle to Save Our Son's Life

2. Modern Living and its Effect on our Physical Well-Being

3. The Church and Healthy Living

4. What Research Reveals About Healthy Living

5. Herbs and Spices for Improving Health

6. Steps to Living Well and Surviving in Hard Times

A must-read for everyone seeking to strengthen themselves for the challenging times which lie ahead!

God's Way to Healthy Living is available for $10.00.

- Book 4. Defending the Faith Against Present Heresies


Defending the Faith Against Present Heresiesnew
Edited by John Lamont and Claudio Pierantoni

An in-depth analysis of the pontificate of Pope Francis. Includes thought-provoking interviews and articles by prominent Catholic writers and clergy, plus key documents such as the Dubia of the Four Cardinals. Courageously confronts the possibility that Pope Francis has fallen into heresy,contradicting tradition, sacred scripture, and the teachings of past popes. A must-read to understand the agenda of Pope Francis.

Defending the Faith Against Present Heresies is available for $25.95.

- Book 5. Pope Paul's New Mass


Pope Paul's New Massnew
By Michael Davies

Compares and contrasts the Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass. Provides a detailed account of the liturgical revolution which followed Vatican II. Exposes the problems with the New Mass, while brilliantly making the case for the restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass. Pope Benedict XVI strongly endorsed the work of Michael Davies. Learn more about the venerable Roman rite that sustained the faithful for centuries! Pope Paul's New Mass is the best book in the English language on the subject of the liturgy.

Pope Paul's New Mass is available for $31.95.

- Book 6. In the Murky Waters of Vatican II


In the Murky Waters of Vatican IInew
By Atila Sinke Guimaraes

In the Murky Waters of Vatican II is the first book in a monumental eleven volume study of theletter, spirit, thinking, and fruits of the Second Vatican Council. This book analyzes Vatican II's ambiguity. The dictionary definition of ambiguity is the quality of being open to more than one interpretation. In the Murky Waters of Vatican II:

  • Shows how the documents of Vatican II are ambiguous.
  • Explains why these documents were written ambiguously.
  • Exposes the dire consequences for the Church of this ambiguity.

Foreword is by Malachi Martin

In the Murky Waters of Vatican II is available for $25.00.


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