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- The Global Mind (2 CDs)

- The Electronic Age and Revolution (2 CDs)

In these interviews, Mrs. Ferreira discusses the global mind, which is the attempt by the architects of the new world order to get all of mankind to think and act the same. Questions covered in these interviews include the following:

  • Why are the architects of the new world order working to create a global mindset?
  • What are the key beliefs or characteristics of the global mind?
  • What is the religious dimension of the global mind? Can the religious dimension of the global mind be reconciled with Catholic teaching?
  • What are the means by which global mind control is being implemented?
  • How is the policy of multiculturalism being used to help create the global mindset?
  • Is individual privacy being eroded through means such as social media?
  • How is coercion being used to impose the global mind?
  • Is there an attempt to stir up discontent, protest, and instability as a means of implementing the new world order?
  • Is the implementation of the global mind and the new world order a fulfillment of Our Lady's prophecies made at Fatima?

From the perspective of the attempt to create a global mindset, Mrs. Ferreira analyzes recent events in Europe and the Middle East. Listening to The Global Mind is essential to understanding world events and where we are heading.

Tracing the development of electronic technology from television to the personal computer, the Internet, and communication technologies such as cell phones, Mrs. Ferreira explains, from a Catholic perspective, the impact of these technologies on our day-to-day lives. Mrs. Ferreira shows how these technologies are being harnessed by liberal forces to revolutionize family life, classroom learning, and the geopolitical order. In The Electronic Age and Revolution, Mrs. Ferreira:

  • Explains how television programs have evolved so that they now act as a force to weaken the traditional family.
  • Exposes the often hidden dangers of electronic gaming.
  • Demonstrates the effect of computers and related technologies on classroom learning.
  • Discusses the effects of communication devices, such as cell phones, on family life.
  • Analyzes the dynamics of social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Shows how communication technologies were utilized in the riots in England, in the uprisings in the Middle East, and in the Occupy Wall Street movement.
  • Explores from a general perspective, where electronic technologies are taking modern civilization.

Mrs. Ferreira concludes by demonstrating the urgent need for parents to take a stand to regain control over the use of electronic technology in the home or else face the continued erosion of Christian culture and wholesome living. Extremely relevant!

- The Education Challenge - The New Age Is Upon Us

Explains how modern education does not meet Catholic standards because of a takeover by secular humanism. From personal experience, Mrs. Ferreira offers solutions about how parents can still provide a Catholic education to their children.

The New Age is no longer coming. It is here. Learn how the New Age has descended upon mankind in forms such as political correctness, the United Nations and technology designed to monitor our behaviour. Shows how recent developments could mean that a persecution of Christians is on the way.

- Canada and the New World Order - The Feminist Agenda

Illustrates how the New World Order is reshaping Canadians' lives in areas such as morality, family life, banking, the media and education. Reveals the common threads of the many agendas of the New World Order and the often hidden reasons why they are being implemented. Listeners outside Canada may notice some striking similarities with their local situation.

Exposes the shocking content of the feminist agenda and its means of implementation inside the Church. Discusses issues such as inclusive language, altar girls and women's ordination.

- Fatima and the Pagan Invasion - The Luciferian Revolution and the New Reign of Terror

Uses thoroughly researched facts and examples to back up hard-hitting answers to questions such as: What is the agenda behind the recent scandalous pagan ceremonies at Fatima?  What are the most recent developments in the implementation of the new world order?  Has the consecration of Russia requested by Our Lady of Fatima been done?

Explains how our traditional way of life has been overturned
and replaced by a new anti-Christian world order. Shows how this Luciferian revolution is accompanied by a sometimes subtle reign of terror which is eliminating our freedoms and deliberately creating divisions within families. Exposes how liberal churchmen have played a role in facilitating what could be described as a cultural revolution.

- The New Age Exposed

- Electronic Transformation!

Explains the origins and characteristics of the New Age movement. Demonstrates how the political arm of this movement, the New World Order, is rapidly becoming a frightening reality.

This interview discusses the explosive impact of the rise of electronic technology and social media, tackling questions such as: What are the hidden dangers of video games? Is social media tightening the vice grip of today’s political censors? Has electronic technology resulted in the extinction of privacy? (You are being watched!) What is the impact of the new technology on our spiritual lives? How do we protect our spiritual lives as the electronic web enmeshing modern life grows ever denser? Electronic Transformation! is the most true-to- life discussion of technological issues ever!


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