Gary Potter

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- Freemasonry And Conspiracy

- Throne & Altar

Attacks the subject of freemasonry. Highlights Papal teaching on this subject. Exposes how freemasonry has infiltrated the Church. An action-packed exposé of the conspiracy against Catholicism by a well-known author.

In a wide-ranging interview, Gary Potter relates his experience as a journalist covering the activities of the American bishops and expresses his philosophy on subjects such as the new universal catechism published by the Vatican and the relevance of monarchy in an age of republics.

- The Knight in an Unchivalrous Age - The Deep Descent

Do the glorious ideals of knighthood, honour, readiness for battle and defence of the weak have a place in the twentieth century? Surprisingly, Gary Potter says that they do.

From the achievements of Christendom, our civilization has plunged through a sequence of religious and political revolutions into the depths of our present era, which is dominated by a revolt against God. Discusses the nature of the Clinton administration.


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