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- End of the Renovations Nightmare?

- The Liturgical Revolution (2 CDs)

Examines whether today's renovations of our churches represent a renewal or mindless destruction. Demonstrates the relationship between renovations and other areas of Church life, such as the liturgy and catechetics. Reviews the book The Renovation Manipulation, by Michael S. Rose. Discusses the prospects for reversing the loss of our artistic and spiritual heritage.

Reviews the radical changes which were made to the Mass following Vatican II. Describes how growing numbers of influential Catholics are becoming disenchanted with these changes. Discusses the significance of Cardinal Ratzinger's statement that priests should once again say Mass facing the altar instead of the people.
$20.00 (2 CDs)

- Ominous Parallels: - The Tridentine Mass

The French Revolution and Vatican II
Describes in vivid detail the many alarming parallels between the blood-drenched French Revolution and Vatican II. Demolishes some commonly held myths about the French Revolution. Discusses the Catholic uprising in the Vendee and its counterpart in the twentieth century..

Discusses the liturgical changes which followed in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. Relates the facts about the Tridentine Mass which prevailed in the Church for centuries.

- Religious Liberty, - The Goldfish Bowl

Vatican II & Moral Decay
On the subject of religious liberty, objectively compares and contrasts traditional Church teaching and Vatican II documents. Discusses the role that both the present Pope and Archbishop Lefebvre played at the Council in the debate on religious liberty. Discusses the influence of the new approach to religious liberty on how society deals with moral issues such as abortion.

An articulate description of the post-Vatican II Church's shift in orientation from God to Man.

- A Legacy Of Vatican II (2 CDs) - The City Under Siege (2 CDs)

Michael Davies addresses an audience in Toronto about the impact of the Second Vatican Council. Discusses the background to the Modernist Revolution. Demolishes claims that the period after the Council constitutes a great renewal.
$20.00 (2 CDs)

By Anne Roche and Michael Davies. A complete review of the hot issues being debated in today's Church. Confronts the question of whether the post-Vatican II era represents a great renewal or complete collapse.
$20.00 (2 CDs)


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