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- Towards Family-Based Economics (2 CDs)

This set of interviews approaches economics from a Catholic perspective, answering questions such as the following:

  • What is the social teaching of the Church on economics? What documents best explain the social teaching of the Church?
  • Does the Church endorse either socialism or laissez-faire capitalism as a system of economics?
  • Do the official economic statistics present an accurate picture of the economy or are they misleading?
  • Is the Federal Reserve Board doing a good job of managing the country's finances?
  • What is the fatal flaw in today's economic system?
  • Is the collapse of today's debt-based economy inevitable?
  • How can families continue to thrive when hard times come?

Towards Family-Based Economics is essential listening for Catholics seeking to understand what is really going on in the economy.
$20.00 (2 CDs)


- Martin Luther and the Modern Church (2 CDs)

In an interview recorded during the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's nailing of the 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Dr. Peter Chojnowski answers questions such as the following:

  • What were the real root causes of the Protestant Reformation?
  • Was the Church prior to the Protestant Reformation actually in a state of incorrigible corruption?
  • How did Martin Luther's personality influence the course of the Protestant Reformation?
  • What truly incredible statements made by Martin Luther are ignored by Protestant and Catholic scholars alike?
  • What were the fruits of Martin Luther's work?
  • What was the critical factor which enabled the Protestant Reformation to survive?
  • Are there any parallels between Luther's liturgy and the New Mass introduced after Vatican II?
  • Just what were the shocking statements made by Pope Francis about Martin Luther?
  • Is there a contradiction between the statements of Pope Francis and the statements of the Council of Trent about Luther's teachings?
  • What was the Vatican's involvement in the 500th anniversary celebrations of Martin Luther?
  • What does the Vatican's involvement in the 500th anniversary celebrations of Martin Luther tell us about the state of affairs in the modern Church?

Martin Luther and the Modern Church is a thought-provoking series.
$20.00 (2 CDs)

- Catholic vs. Modern Culture: From Medieval Morality Plays to Hollywood (2 CDs)

In this set of two CD interviews, Dr. Chojnowski draws upon his years of experience in the field of drama, to compare and contrast traditional theater with modern movie-making. In these interviews, Dr. Chojnowski:

  • Provides the background to the current cultural situation by outlining the history of drama from the time of ancient Greece to the introduction of motion pictures in the twentieth century.
  • Explains what was wrong with Hollywood from its earliest days. Explains what is wrong with Hollywood today.
  • Exposes how Hollywood has changed America.
  • Describes how the Catholic Church until recently exercised an effective check against the negative tendencies of Hollywood.
  • Shows why the issue of modern movie-making is of critical importance.
  • Concludes by highlighting practical steps that Catholic families can take to safeguard their children and rebuild the culture at the local level.

In Catholic versus Modern Culture, Dr. Chojnowski shows what is wrong with the modern entertainment industry and makes a stirring defense of traditional Catholic culture.
$20.00 (2 CDs)



- CD 1. Political Revolutions in the Modern Age

- CD 2. Revolution in the Church

In this interview, Dr. Chojnowski discusses the subject of revolution, a subject central to our age, answering questions such as the following:

  • What are some interesting dynamics of revolution?
  • What is an important, but generally unnoticed characteristic of revolutions?
  • What is the Catholic Church's attitude towards revolutions?
  • Are revolutions the work of the poor and downtrodden?
  • Was the American Revolution an actual revolution or merely a war of independence?
  • What is the primary target of modern revolutions?

This interview is key to understanding what really goes on during revolutions.

From the perspective of the subject of revolution and counter-revolution, Dr. Peter Chojnowski analyzes developments in the Church, answering questions such as the following:

  • Who were some key counter-revolutionary thinkers and statesmen?
  • What often undetected revolutions are occurring today?
  • Does the current upheaval in the Church which began at Vatican II constitute a revolution?
  • Are the changes in the Mass which followed Vatican II a liturgical revolution or a continuous development?
  • Who were the key agents of revolution in the Church in the modern era?
  • Who were the key counter-revolutionary figures in the period following Vatican II?

This interview provides a necessary understanding of what has happened in the Church since Vatican II.


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