Fr. Paul Trinchard

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- God vs. Man-made Religion

Across all walks of Church life, modernists are instituting a man-made religion.
According to former Jesuit Fr. Paul Trinchard, "God has been dethroned. Man has been enthroned."
In this series of audio recordings, Fr. Trinchard tells his story and vigorously confronts the architects of the man-made religion, dealing with questions such as:

  • What was life like in the Jesuit order during the transition period that followed the Second Vatican Council?
  • What are the common threads that unite the components of the modernist agenda?
  • What goes on behind the scenes during priests' workshops?
  • What compelling message of recent Church-approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary has generally slipped by unnoticed?
  • What can parents do to form one of the greatest hopes for our times, holy families?
  • According to Pope Paul VI, what treasure of priceless worth was lost after Vatican II?

In these wide-ranging interviews, Fr. Trinchard is at his best, providing a witty, entertaining, and insightful defence of traditional Catholicism.

The series consists of:

  • CD 1 - "Stay here! You're going straight up." (Fr. Trinchard's story) $10.00
  • CD 2 - The Awesome Fatima Message $10.00
  • CD 3 - A Treasure of Priceless Worth $10.00

The full set of God vs. Man-made Religion is available for $25.00


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