Father Paul Wickens

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- Modernists Capture The Church

- Persecution from Within

Explains the origins of the Modernist heresy. Describes how the Modernists gained control of the Church in North America. Offers guidance to Catholics on how to deal with the present crisis.

By Fr. Paul Wickens, Dr. Bill Marra and Michael Davies. A wide-ranging and lively discussion of the reality that priests who uphold the Faith now find themselves persecuted from within the Church.

- Modernists In Action - Guideposts To Heaven

Describes how Modernism has affected day-to-day Church life for the Catholic laity and generated havoc among Church leaders.

In easily understood terms. Fr. Wickens spells out directives and practical guidelines to use in reaching one's eternal salvation. Instructive.

- A Priest Defends The Faith - The Family Challenge (2 CDs)

Fr. Wickens relates his dramatic confrontation with Modernism in the Archdiocese of Newark. Exposes the ruthlessness and intolerance of liberals. Offers a strategy for Catholics to rebuild the Faith.

Raising a family is more difficult than in past years because of the unChristian world in which we live. In this series of interviews, Fr. Wickens provides guidance to parents about how to surmount this challenge. An abundance of practical advice about raising children from a parish priest who has worked with families for over thirty years.
$20.00 (2 CDs)


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