Rick DeLano

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- Scientific Earthquake! (2 CDs)

In this interview, the dynamic movie producer Rick DeLano demonstrates that modern science has hit a dead-end. DeLano explains how the central pillars of modern science, Darwinian evolution and the big bang theory of creation, are being demolished by the weight of new scientific discoveries. DeLano answers questions such as the following:

  • Why is the subject of science so crucial to the future of Christianity?
  • Why are prominent scientists in different fields saying that their branch of science is in a crisis?
  • What is the central flaw in the modern scientific model?
  • Why has the modern scientific establishment become so unhinged from reality?
  • Are there any weaknesses in Albert Einstein's theories?
  • Who were the fiercest critics of DeLano's scientific film documentary The Principle? The answer may surprise you.
  • How have modern churchmen imbedded the principles of Darwinian evolution into the very essence of Church life?
  • What is the one question which underlies most scientific controversies?

In Scientific Earthquake! Rick DeLano clearly demonstrates how new scientific discoveries are affirming the truth of the scriptures and Thomistic philosophy.



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