Fr. Stephen Somerville

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- Inside the Liturgical Revolution

- The Passion and the Mass

Learn from former ICEL (International Committee for English in the Liturgy) member Fr. Stephen Somerville about the inner workings of the liturgical revolution. In this audio recording interview, Fr. Somerville answers questions such as the following: What were the beliefs of the leaders of the liturgical revolution? What tactics did they use to further their agenda? Do the difficulties with the new liturgy stem from the New Mass as it was originally promulgated or from organizations such as ICEL? What have been the effects of changes to the Mass? Are attempts by conservatives to repair the New Mass viable? During the interview, Fr. Somerville provides concrete examples of the difficulties with the New Mass and ICEL translations. Learn why one of the architects of the new liturgy has now embraced Tradition.

In this interview, Fr. Stephen Somerville describes his experiences as Mel Gibson's chaplain during the shooting of The Passion of the Christ. Explains the relationship between the passion and death of Our Lord and the Mass.
Provides fascinating insights on topics such as Mel Gibson's mission and the message of one of the greatest movies of all time.

- The Passion of the Priest (2 CDs)

Tells the story of the dramatic confrontation between Mel Gibson's chaplain and the modernist authorities. Explains why Fr. Somerville is continuing his unflinching defense of Tradition in the face of opposition from the Church's establishment. Concludes with a message for priests concerned about the current condition of the Church.
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