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While this series of recordings focuses on Canada’s situation, listeners in the United States will find this series very relevant as the same problems exist in both the United States and Canada.  Listeners in all countries will find William Gairdner’s arguments for pro-family policies thought-provoking and compelling.


- 1. Statism and the Courts vs. Democracy

- 2. The Education System: The Reign of Mediocrity

Identifies Canada’s elite and shows how they are completely out of touch with reality and the country’s hardworking citizens.  Shows how this elitist minority is imposing a system of intrusive government upon Canadians, powered by our tax dollars.  Demolishes the argument that Canada’s identity has anything to do with expensive social programs.

Exposes how Canada’s public school system has failed to provide academic achievement, physical fitness, or leadership.  Indicates how the results of Canada’s public schools compare with private schools and systems run by our international competitors.  Demonstrates how our school system has been hijacked by the five radicalisms of the leftist educational establishment.

- 3. The Anti-Family War on Our Children - 4. The Rise of the Death Culture: Abortion and Euthanasia

Demonstrates the devastating effects on the family of the modern feminist movement.  Demolishes the arguments for the failed policies of daycare, pay equity, and employment equity.  Discusses the issue of homosexuality.  Explains the wider ramifications for society of the breakdown of traditional sexual morality.

Examines the grave moral consequences for a society that permits unimpeded access to abortion.  Shows how the current drive towards doctor-assisted suicide will likely be an ominous first step towards the use of euthanasia as a means of restructuring society.

- 5. Taxed to Death: Can the Economy Survive the End of the Family? - 6. No Bang for Our Bucks: Canada’s Health and Criminal Justice Systems

Explains why the family is the primary engine of economic activity.  Demonstrates that the high levels of taxation which exist in Canada are undermining the family.  Exposes the perverse and often hidden impact of Canada’s welfare state.  Discusses some possible outcomes of Canada’s current debt crisis.

Tackles the greatest of all sacred cows, Canada’s health care system.  Demonstrates that the system’s focus has been diverted from health concerns to political purposes.  Dissects Canada’s criminal justice system, exposing the philosophy which results in criminals being treated so leniently.

- 7. The Politics of Fragmentation: Bilingualism and Multiculturalism - 8. Meeting the Challenge: Rebuilding Canada

Tackles two more sacred cows, bilingualism and multiculturalism.  Exposes the impractical nature and divisive effects of these two policies.  Discusses the hot issue of immigration.  Courageously confronts the concept of political correctness, demonstrating why this movement represents a threat to Canada’s basic freedoms and national heritage.

Discusses the role of constitutions.  Demonstrates that the massive growth of federal government in both the United States and Canada was unconstitutional.  Raises issues concerning Quebec separation and western alienation which are generally not being discussed.  In an inspiring conclusion, proposes a set of principles for ending Canada’s current crisis.


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